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Submitted by Ryo-ohki on Fri, 2006-01-27 01:20. :: Random Bantering

Is it just me, or is information on grants and loans ridiculously hard to find? I have been all over the various grant/loan type .gov sites and they all say the exact same thing. They tell you that there are grants and loans tailored to small businesses, minorities, and women (of which, all 3 happen to apply to me) yet they are vague to the point of obsurdity about WHERE you apply for them. Why all the secrecy? Most minorities and women starting their own business probably don't have any assets and they either don't have credit or the credit is bad (in my case) so a loan won't be possible no matter how you shake-n-bake it.

Open for business :D

Submitted by Ryo-ohki on Thu, 2006-01-26 16:22. :: Random Bantering

Well, this is my first blog post over here. I plan to post about things related to my business. I am just starting to promote it. I've had this business for almost a year now but I'm just now starting to try and make money with it. I do have another blog at http://www.sounanda.com though. I post to it a few times a month. I will try to stick to business information only on here, however.

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